How to dominate a trade show floor in 4 steps

Pubsphere is an international firm providing trade show booths around the globe. In business since 2008, we have worked with hundreds of exhibitors to make their trade show a success. We wanted to share what we believe are the 4 most important steps to follow to stand out on a trade show floor.

Step 1: Proper booth staff training

Let’s face it, the link between your customers and your business is mostly based on human relations. Because you are not alone in your marketplace, the people representing your company need to have social skills and more than enough information to share with your target audience. Prepare your booth staff to be the experts out there. Since you only have a couple of days to promote your company’s DNA, everything needs to be perfect.

Here are some helpful training tips for any trade show. These tips will help you to develop your booth staff training program.

  • Build a sales funnel strategy, making sure that all staff on the trade show floor understands.
  • Set individual goals, daily goals, and event goals.Don’t forget to reward your staff. This will drive their motivation to attain their goals.
  • Set up a list of VIP customers and/or prospects that might visit.
  • Explain the basics of body language. Your booth staff must be open and express positive body language at all times.
  • Set up 3 or 4 introduction speeches to help your on-site staff approach any attendee.
  • Make your staff understand the importance of adopting good and professional behavior whenever they represent your company and brand during the trade show. No drinking (except water), no eating, no cell phones unless they are used for business reasons, etc.


Step 2:  Provide an experience to keep your booth packed.

Don’t be a nondescript dictionary of information. To be successful at your trade show, you will need to provide information and an experience. Be original in the creation of that customer experience and find a way to mix your sales funnel with it to get as much information as possible to your next potential client.

Using interactive technologies, games, and/or contests with your visitors is the best way to retain a crowd in your booth. It is really important to work hard on this step because people bring people and the more packed your booth is, the more successful your presence at your trade show will be.

Make your visitors want to stay and learn more about what you have to offer. Many strategies are possible; here are some suggestions that have had tremendous success and that will inspire you to prepare your own trade show experience.

  • Give samples or gifts. Promotional items not only give visibility to your brand after the event but also help to keep your booth crowded during the event. In most cases, ask the attendee to enter their contact information in exchange for the item and follow up with them.
  • Prepare interactive, fun, and informative games. These games can also involve your staff. Games get people closer faster and this is exactly what you are looking for:developing relationships between your staff and potential clients.
  • Having a customized, technological, and well-designed booth will always play a major role in the visitor’s experience. The booth is their first visual contact and in the marketing industry, we all know how important a first impression is.


Step 3: Spend Strategically

The goal is to maximize your investment by getting the most value for every dollar spent. Having a strategy and knowing basic trade show concepts helps you minimize your risk and optimize your return on investment.

Tip 1: Spend to attain your objectives.

You need to attain your primary objectives and spend wisely. Every time you are about to buy something for your show, ask yourself if it will help you to reach your objectives. If possible, find a way to assess how much each purchase helps you reach your goals,,  and decide whether to use it again or dump it for your next trade show.

Tip 2:Value before cost.

Most of the time, going with the cheapest option available comes with the cheapest result. When it comes to purchases, evaluate the best options and opt to get the best value.

Tip 3: Meet suppliers’ deadlines and take advantage of early-bird discounts. Otherwise, your costs will be inflated.


Step 4: Shop for your exhibit booth company

The most time consuming part of a trade show participation is the exhibit stand. The design, production, logistics, storage, etc. are complicated. When this part of the project is not handled by professionals, monetary and schedule risks are high. We strongly suggest you work with a professional exhibit booth company that will analyze your company’s identity, products, and marketing program to design a booth that reflects your needs.

First, you need to identify 2 or 3 potential exhibit booth companies. Scan their portfolio and see if their general designs fit your vision and your industry. Once your preselection is done, send your request for information, develop and issue the request for proposal, check the financials and references of your preselected exhibit booth companies, and wait for their presentations. Once you’ve received their designs, analyze the results by using a scorecard as a guideline to evaluate each firm’s high and low points. You need to evaluate the following criteria:

  1. Flexibility: Will the booth adapt to different spaces and products?
  2. Functionality: Does the design accommodate an interactive event, theater-type setting, high-traffic giveaways, etc.?
  3. Overall design: How does the overall design help us effectively communicate our image, messages, and brands?
  4. Account team: Are the team members’ personalities a good fit with our company, and do they all have sufficient experience to take our program to the next level?
  5. Industry experience: Does the firm and its account team have enough experience in our industry?
  6. Financing alternatives: Do the payment, lease, and/or rental terms match our company’s needs?
  7. Cost: Are the costs warranted and within our ballpark budget?
  8. Financial stability: Do the firm’s finances appear reasonably stable?

You now know the basic steps and tips to stand out at your next trade show. We have a lot more information to give you and are willing to help you develop your upcoming event. If you want Pubsphere to send you a presentation for your next trade show booth, please fill out the form below.



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