Mobile booths and shelters

Pubsphere offers a complete line of products and services that allow you to share your brand experience on the go. Whether it’s for a press conference, a one-time event, or a promotional tour, we have the solution you need. Discover our three categories of mobile booths and shelters below. Your brand can travel more easily than you might think!

Tents, domes, or big tops

Don’t leave the fate of your event in the hands of Mother Nature thanks to our tents, big tops, and domes. Available with solid or inflatable structures, these shelters can be set up in a variety of spaces, whether indoors or outdoors, and on solid or porous terrain. Don’t hesitate to speak with our experts; they can help you with tents of all types and sizes, from a small folding tent to an enormous big top.

Portable booths

Our portable booths fit easily into the trunk of a car and can be carried by one person without help. These booths can be set up in the blink of an eye, and, thanks to mechanisms integrated into the structure, their assembly requires no tools. On your marks, get set, unleash your brand!

Semi-permanent booths

Our semi-permanent booths come in two formats: converted shipping containers and trailer booths. Both options give you complete freedom with respect to technology integration, making it easy to put together an attractive and interactive display. For example, draft beer taps, ovens, televisions, and the Internet can be integrated to your booth.

Obviously, this type of booth stands out at events due to its impressive size and appearance. Trailer booths can be transported as you would a pop-up camper, which makes them very accessible despite their massive appearance.