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Global service
360° vision

A true Added value

Whether the task at hand is to provide an idea for a simple accessory at a sales point or to produce a 1,000 square foot turnkey exhibition stand, we approach every project with a vision and a strategy. 

The range of our services includes:

  • Project analysis and goal-setting
  • Research and proof of concept, including mock-ups, cost estimates and implementation plans
  • Manufacturing and quality control at all stages
  • Management of national or international logistics, transportation, installation, removal and storage





Transparency And trust

We feel strongly about establishing and maintaining trusting relationships with our client-partners. They are strategic allies and front-line associates and no matter where they may be on the planet, keeping them fully informed about their projects is one of our priorities.

At Pubsphere, our people fully understand that peace of mind is an added value to service.