Points of sale

At points of sale, consumers are swimming in a sea of products. To rise above the competition in this sea, it can be useful to stand out visually with a display rack, shelving unit, or sign. We have several years of experience with points of sale, having carried out a number of projects that allow us to advise you with confidence on the direction to take to ensure your project’s success. We offer turn-key service, from design and manufacturing through transportation, assembly, etc.

Display rack

A display rack is a mobile, stand-alone structure in which your products are placed. Display racks showcase your brand’s colours and logo and allow your products to stand out from the competition at points of sale as well as to be nestled into a custom-made structure that dovetails perfectly with your packaging.


For many reasons, at points of sale, your products sometimes end up on shelves next to their competitors. A high-quality sign can highlight your products’ added value. Our signs are custom-made and designed to echo your brand’s signature elements; they can be placed near your shelved products.

Shelving unit

Strike the perfect balance between branding and products with a shelving unit, which is a permanent structure at points of sale on which your products can be placed and moved around. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts; they work with all types of materials and technology and will be able to propose a unit that meets your needs and expectations.